Do I have access to public transport (bus or underground) with the Paris Sightseeing Bus Tour ticket?
No you don't have acces to public transport. You can use yor ticket only for the choosen Paris Sightseeing Tour Bus operator's buses
Is there any commentary or audioguide in the buses?
Yes, commentaries and audioguides are provided in several languages. For the languages provided you can check your booking's information page. A set of headphones will be given for free.
Should I give back the headphones after the tour?
You can keep them. No need to give back.
Can I get on the bus with my pet?
It depends on the size of your pet. You are only allowed for small pets in a basket or a travel bag and guide dogs.
May I get on the bus with my luggage?
Only if you don't disturb other passengers, block the bus doors or the passageway. We are not responsible for any loss or theft
Do I have to use my two days or three days pass on consecutive days?
Yes, if you have multiple days ticket, the days must be consecutive
Can I pay with holiday cheques or bank cheques?
No, we don't accept any payment by cheques
Is there a discount for students and seniors?
No, there is no discount for students and seniors.
Until what age my children don't need to buy a ticket?
Admission is free for children under 4 years of age.
Does the Paris City Seightseeing Bus Tours tickets give me access to the museums?
No it doesn't. The Ticket is valid only for  choosen Paris City Sightseeing Bus Tours operators buses.
I have a voucher. Can I redeem it on the bus?
Yes with your voucher you can redeem your tickets on the bus
What type of payment options do you accept?
We accept all major international credit cards, and guarantee the highest standards of security and control.
Can I make changes to my booking?
It may be possible but depends on the type of change you require and is at the discretion of the service provider. Please read carefully the description details and cancel policies to be sure of the explanations as not all travel service providers will accept changes once you’ve received confirmation of your reservation.
Is it possible to cancel a booking?
The cancellation policy depends for each tour/ticket. Unfortunately, not all tours and tickets can be canceled. See the cancellation policies for the tour you wish to book. If you would like to ask more detailed questions you can contact us by writing to contact@pariscitytours.fr 
Do I have to choose a line when booking a City Sightseeing Bus Tour ?
No you don't need to choose a line. Your ticket is valid on all bus lines
How often can I hop on & hop off the bus?
You can hop on and off as often as you wish during the operatng hours of the Paris Sightseeing Bus Tours
May I use my Paris City Sightseeing Bus Tour ticket for 24 hours?
You can use your tickets only for the operating hours of selected option of yor booking
Is there any option I can choose for a half day or for a two hours tour?
You can have options for 1, 2 or 3 days tickets but not for half day or 2 hours bus except some Night Sightseeing Bus tours
May I book my Paris Sightseeing Bus Tour ticket for Sundays and holidays?
Yes you can. Paris Sightseeing Bus tours operate 7 days a week
Can I take photos during the show?
It is forbidden to take photos or videos during the show. You have photographers available on site for your souvenir portraits
How long does it take to check in at reception and take my ticket?
Tickets are printed at the last moment and your seats are already reserved, so you can receive your tickets half an hour before the start of the show
How do I get my ticket?
You check in at the Crazy Horse reception 30 min before the show to collect your tickets by printing your confirmation / voucher or simply by giving your name and booking number.
What time does the show begin?
The show starts at 11:00pm from Sunday to Friday and 9:30pm on Saturday. Don't miss our Crazy Entertainers, George Bangable, and his delicious diva, Lolly Wish and their sophisticated and burlesque act starting from 30mn before the show.
How long is the show?
The show lasts 90 min

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